4 Designers Your Church Creative Team Should Follow

There are some amazing designers that you need to know about. Your church creative team should be following these designers.

Graphic Designers for Church

These 4 designers are making an impact on the design community at large. Their work is influencing the direction of graphic design. From logo design to hand lettering, follow the trends of these designers and your church designs will be inspired!

Mike Jones

mike jones graphic designs from dribbble
Mike Jones – Dribbble

Mike Jones has been influencing design with logo and branding work. His eye for detail and his continued work to push the envelope makes his work unique. As the Creative Director for AFLAC, he is helping to build fortune 500 brands.

Mike will be with us at Design Revival 19 as one of our main session speakers.

Peter Voth

peter voth graphic design from dribbble
Peter Voth – Dribbble

Peter is located in Düren, Germany. He has been developing a series of illustrations for the ESV Story of Redemption Bible. His line illustrations are unique. His graphic designs are pieces of art. There is a beauty and simplicity to his work that keeps you scrolling.

Ian Barnard

ian barnard graphic designs from dribbble
Ian Barnard – Dribbble

Ian is from the UK. He is a master hand lettering artist and is influencing the design space. The lettering techniques and the use of the iPad make his work unique. When you begin to look for inspiration for fonts, style, or direction, Ian has work that will spark an idea.

Alicja Colon

alicja colon graphic design from dribbble
Alicja Colon – Thrice Studio – Dribbble

Alicja Colon is a paper illustrator, photographer, and designer. And what she can masterfully create using paper is truly inspiring. She has a style unlike any other and her work is impressive. Be inspired!

Alicja Colon will be with us at Design Revival 19 as one of our main speaker and leading workshops.