Design Revival is a two-day conference that will equip, encourage, and train pastors, lay-leaders, volunteers, and church staff to raise the standard of design and media for the purpose of presenting the Gospel.

The Why

The first verb in Scripture to describe God is created.

In the beginning, God created. . . Genesis 1:1

God is a creative being and we, His special creation, bears his image. When we consider the impact of God’s creation, we can’t help but discover the divine nature and attributes that cause mankind to search for the Creator (Romans 1:20).

Excellent design has the ability to direct people to the Savior. The purpose of Design Revival is to re-energize the church with the passion and ability to use compelling design to point people to Jesus.

The How

Attendees will be inspired in Main Sessions by creative and engaging speakers. Each speaker is an expert in the fields of design, branding, illustration, communication, social media, and others. You will be inspired to bring design to you churches communication plans as you hear from compelling speakers.

The workshops will equip attendees with skills and techniques they can begin using in their church creative process immediately. You will have the opportunity to learn from leading experts in a variety of design and communication ares. Our prayer is that you leave the conference with skills, knowledge, and abilities that you can begin using for your church the Monday after the conference.

Our purpose is to help churches communicate the Gospel through compelling design.