Design Made Simple In Canva


Aaron will be breaking down the myths that you need expensive software, crazy high-end technology, and a ton of time to make ridiculously good looking designs. You can even do it from your phone! Canva is a powerful tool with tons of potential for Church Designers.

Aaron Rountree


Aaron was born and raised in San Diego, CA! He has a beautiful wife and a crazy 2-year old who he loves to spend tons of time with. Before COVID 19 Disneyland was their go-to spot! Now it’s just filled with a lot of Disney movies and tons of homemade good food. Aaron has a heart to serve the church that’s where Vive was born. Vive Media Co helps support 100s of churches across the nation with unlimited graphic design, video editing, social support, and more! 

Quick to Build, Easy to Update Websites


Walkthrough on how to quickly make and maintain a WordPress site for your church by using the Elementor system. 

Brian White 

Brianwhite 2019 Brianbyers

Brian is an accomplished digital designer, creative director, producer, and figure-out-a-way-to-get-it-done-person. With 20 years in the interactive side of the business, Brian has founded and runs his own businesses. In his career he has worked with numerous clients, many that possess a global reach. As creative director of Brian White Design and TriLion Studios, he has led the creative strategy for clients including Motorola, Dell, Sprint, Microsoft, Capital One, and Geico.

Taking Visual Notes in Church


Sermon Sketchnotes is the visual note-taking that I share on my social feeds and that you’ve seen others do. So why is this the perfect time to learn? Watching church from home gives you the freedom to: setup an area just like you like * not worry about any curious onlookers * and most of all — pause and rewind as necessary PLUS with what’s going on you’ll get to engage my favorite benefits of sketch noting: * It takes concentrating – no room for anything else but the sermon * It really puts the Word in your heart – you’re paying closer attention and you remember more * It really makes notes that are fun to revisit for you – and share with others. But I’ve already shared Learning Sermon Sketchnotes class as a life group, online pop-up group, and at Bible Journaling Retreat. Now here is an invitation for you to join us as well! 

Raven Henderson

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Raven Henderson has a professional background in the fine art galleries, graphic recorder, music industry, non-profits, and ministry work. Raven has done live graphic recording for an astronaut, Google Innovator, and countless sermons. She has even created an online community for Sermon Sketchnoters around the world. Through it all she has cultivated a private practice of using art as a mobile way to journal, relax and worship. Even art journaling while co-leading a mission team in Haiti. Raven 

Brand New You


Brand New You  – This is a high-level branding overview. We talk about why it’s important to understand that you have a brand, and why it’s imperative that you understand how you are voicing that brand to the people you are speaking to. Your brand is the heart and soul of your organization, it affects the message you speak, so let’s learn about creating the best brand we can. 

Mario Quezada 


Mario Quezada is a Level C Brand Specialist, an award-winning Creative Director and owner of Made X Maker Branding Agency in Honolulu, HI. He received his BFA in Graphic Design / New Media from Pasadena Art Center College of Design. Leveraging his 20+ years of bible teaching and 25+ years of branding experience working in the advertising and entertainment industries as a Creative Director, he crafts purposeful, meaningful brands from the inside out. 

Creativity Influence On Ministry


Creativity Influence On Ministry  – For over 6 years, Raksa Yin served as the Assistant Conference Director of Planning and Arts for the Cambodian Southern Baptist Fellowship in Macon, GA. Ever since joining their team back in college as the lone creative team member, he used creative thinking to challenge his board of directors to do what’s best for their ministry experience. He believes that if a creative is on the team, they’re not just a yes-creative but a how-about-this-creative who challenges their colleagues to think of the possibilities for the love of God to be felt through their ministry experience. 

Raksa Yin

Raksa Yin Headshot2020

Raksa Yin is a Visual Designer at Deloitte Digital, where he is creating digital experiences for the government sector. His former companies include agencies such as Huge Inc, Grafik, and Insomniac Design. He received his Bachelor in Graphic Design from Corcoran School of Art and Design at GWU. He comes from humble beginnings as a son of immigrant refugees. He strives to use creativity to improve the world, one person at a time. 

Photoshop for the Somewhat Skilled


So you know a bit about Photoshop, but care to know more? This is the workshop for you. We’ll be delving into some next-level tips and tricks moving you out of the beginner’s zone. 

Harrison Mills

Headshot Touchedup Cropped Med

Harrison Mills has been working in the Out Of Home advertising industry for over 10 years with work that spans from local to national campaigns, and 15 years of overall design experience. Photoshop is my main go-to program to design in. 

What Not To Print


Each week we are printing bulletins, worship guides, or a range of other materials for church. If you will utilize some of these basic design tips, your print materials will look better and communicate more effectively. In this workshop, we will conduct a church bulletin makeover. We will examine a church bulletin and make changes based on a few simple design tips.


Banned Fonts

Bad Bulletin Design

Bulletin Redesign

Design Links and Resources

Laura Atterbury


With over 15 years in church ministry, Laura has served as a church secretary, admin assistant, and graphic designer. In her current role as the Graphics Ninja and Art Director for Calvary Baptist Church, Laura oversees the design for all creative at Calvary.

Sermon Series Branding that Works


We’ve all seen some incredible series graphics and some that aren’t so awesome. The phenomenon of branding a series of messages has become a staple of churches large and small. In an age where we’ve never been more connected, branding has never been more important. Is it really worth it? Where do we start? How can we do it better? This session answers those questions and more.

Shawn Reece

Shawn Reece

After years of being a youth pastor, worship pastor, and then executive pastor, Shawn took some time away from ministry to find ways to reach more people outside of the typical church ways he had been around all of his life. During that time he branched out and got his degree in design, studied multiple marketing methods and strategies, and found ways to merge both and apply them to the church context. He is now the marketing director at Faith Promise Church in Knoxville, TN, where he uses those skills to create a branding and marketing experience that helps draw in thousands of first-time guests every year.