joe cavazos behind the process

Behind The Process

Workshop Behind The Process  – Follow along as we worked through developing an art piece. Whether you are putting together sermon series artwork or designing a poster, the process can be

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Emilymills Main 1

Emily Mills

As a kid, Emily Mills loved drawing and reading cartoons like Calvin and Hobbes and The Far Side. She was fascinated with how comics used wit, humor, and storytelling to communicate a message.

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Johndavidharris Main

John David Harris

As as a Creative and Artistic Director, John David has overseen the execution of multiple brands across print, digital, and live experiences for over 15 years. His love for storytelling and multidisciplinary background

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church designers Goals for 2020

4 Goals for Creatives

As the new year approaches, we begin to evaluate our past year. We look at our successes and failures and begin to draw some lessons. Inevitably, these thoughts lead us

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