Church, Stop Making Logos for Every Ministry

Every church has a brand, a way the community or congregation feels about your church. And most churches have a logo, which represents that brand.

The logo is your churches identity. It is the visual representation of your church to your congregation and community. When people see your churches logo their experience and feelings of your church are engaged.

Because of the way your logo communicates, it is an important part of your church branding. Everything you do as a church affects your brand and the ability of your logo to effectively communicate.

The problem comes in when churches create logos for every ministry of their church. They have a men’s ministry logo, a women’s ministry logo, children’s ministry, student ministry, college ministry…and the list goes on.


Stop doing this!

When you have logos for every ministry, you dilute the effectiveness of your church logo AND brand. You have to support those logos. You end up generating confusion for your community.

Here are three tips to better branding for your church

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Your church should only have one logo. The logo can be typography or contain an icon, but you should only have one logo.

Make it the default icon for every ministry. When in doubt, use the church logo.

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Look at using different colors to differentiate ministry logos. This can be an easy way to add variety without diluting your church logo and branding.

Consider different colors for the different ministries. The goal is to have the ministry identified as part of the church, not a separate entity. The consistent logo will help with this branding.

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Consider using fonts and textures to create a ministry version of your church logo. It will allow the logo to have a unique personality while supporting the brand of the church.

Consider using primary colors for children’s ministry. Use textures for your student ministry. Possibly use soft, pastel colors for Women’s ministry.

Your church logo matters. It is the identity of your church to your congregation and community. Don’t let your logo become ineffective because you have diluted with ministry logos.

Church branding is too important for your church.