Go from Bad to Good

As a designer, I am of the opinion that church graphic design tends to fall in the BAD category. I believe this is due to most churches having non-designers responsible for creating graphics. The church admin-assistant gets tagged with the responsibilities and they do the best they can.

It is the goal of Design Revival to help churches move from BAD to GOOD Design!

There are a lot of resources that exist to help churches with design. Our friends at SundaySocial.tv are great examples of this. You can use their subscription service and have access to high-quality designs for social media or announcement graphics. It is a great resource.

Design is a communication tool. Done well, it enhances the communication of the Gospel. Done poorly, it is a distraction to communicating the Gospel. We know the Gospel is a stumbling block itself, there is no need for us to add barries with bad design.

What the Experts Say

I reached out to some design experts and asked them the following question:

If you had to identify one or two rules that move a design from BAD to GOOD, what would they be?

Design is not like art. There are rules. There are expectations that need to be followed to ensure the design work is accomplishing is the purpose, communication. Here is what some of the experts have to say.

Mike Jones

Mike Jones (@bucket826)
Design on a grid. Pay attention to the use of white space and use no more than 3 fonts in a design.

Alicja Colon (@thricestudio)
The triangle is the most balanced composition. Arrange elements in a triangle, with a big element in the middle and 2 smaller elements off to each side.

Darold Pinnock Graphic Designer

Darold Pinnock (@dpcreates)
Understand who you are designing for and how it will be used should influence design decisions.

Know the Rules

The challenge for design is to know the rules. Knowing and operating within the rules of good design will ensure your church design moves from Bad to Good. We highlight various design rules regularly and want to encourage you to master them.

Design Revival will inspire you to use and equip you to create compelling design for the sake of the Gospel.