Design Trends Change

One thing about Graphic Design is that trends change. If you think back over the past decades, certain design trends come to mind. You just know what the 70’s looked like. When you close your eyes and think of the 90’s, you see Saved By the Bell or Fresh Prince of Bel Aire. Am I right?


Good design follows trends and they change. New technology comes on the scene and shapes the trajectory of design. Culture shifts happen and inspire new looks or ways to express ideas.

Trends in design will constantly shift. What looks great today will be old school tomorrow and vintage in a few years.

But what never changes is the need to have good design. Your graphics for your church need to be done well. They are the visual medium through which you communicate information. The graphics created should communicate as much as the words on the screen.

The problem many churches face is they don’t keep up with trends. They don’t keep their design work relevant. The Gospel is a stumbling block to some and foolishness to others. It is necessary that when we communicate the Gospel in a visually driven culture, we have good designs. There is no reason to add barriers to the Gospel.

Good design matters. Trends are important. Communicate visually!