Lee Snow


1. Instagram or Instafaith – Using the Instagram platform effectively and reasonably as a church.
This workshop will formulate reasonable expectations for churches on the Instagram platform as well as give hands-on tips for how to teach theological principles through the platform. Workshop members will need access to a smartphone or tablet. Some time will be spent looking at workshop goers’ Instagram profiles to give constructive criticism on how to improve. 

2. Stealing is Wrong…  – Copyright and Christianity. How to know when to use someone else’s design and where to get amazing options that don’t put your church in danger. 
This workshop will focus on tools and sources to use to communicate while at the same time keeping in step with copyright laws. *This is not meant to be legal advice.

Lee has been preaching and in ministry to a decade. Over that time he has seen the amazing things that can come from effective communication of the Scriptures and works with churches for help in branding and social media. Lee works alongside the Warm Springs Rd Church of Christ in Columbus, GA. His passion for small churches seeking to do big things for the Kingdom is the entire reason why he started pushing pixels in 2011.