Live Streaming Resources for Your Church

Over the past month, Design Revival has had the opportunity to partner with our local Baptist association to support churches trying to live stream their church services. Most of them were starting from scratch and didn’t know where to begin.

We were able to get serval churches involved in conference calls to assess goals, resources, and budgets. From those conversations, we set out to create a resource that would help guide churches in their decision-making process.

We have created a guide that outlines equipment and resources a church would need to live stream. This guide is broken down into camera choices, capture card devices, encoding options, and accessories. Using this guide, a church can put together a live streaming system that will serve your church and meet your budget.

We know that live streaming is important for you to stay connected to your congregation and to lead them through these times. We also know that it has opened doors to people who would otherwise never step into a church. And it has helped churches expand their mission field to the world.

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Download Live Stream Guide