The schedule for the Workshops for Design Revival 22.

Friday, August 26

2:45 pm | Workshop Block A

Foley Hall

Name: Raven Henderson

Topic: From Publisher to Canva

Description: We’ll do a live walkthrough of how to use free internet-based Canva software to create stunning programs, slides, graphics and more.

Studio 1

Name: Mario Quezada

Topic: How to create a content strategy that connects

Description: Knowing what, when, where, why, and how to post content can be frustrating and confusing. In this workshop you’ll learn a quick and simple strategy for connecting your audience with your message. 

Studio 2

Name: Anthony Gurrola

Topic: Seeing The Voice of God

Description: This workshop will focus on how to visualize, and conceptualize His word, and His voice. You will learn how to illustrate the prophetic. 

Saturday, August 27

10:30 am Workshop Block B

Foley Hall

Name: Haley Borin

Topic: Introduction to Canva

Description: Canva is a free to use tool for creating graphics for worship and social. You will learn about the tools and brand kit available in Canva.

Studio 1

Name: Mike Jones

Topic: Introduction to Illustrator

Description: You will be introduced to the basic design  tools in Adobe Illustrator. We will cover the Pen Tool, Beziere, and How to create using simple shapes. 

Studio 2

Name: Diane Gibbs

Topic: Creative Calisthenics

Description: Creative explorations are exercises for your  imagination. They keep your thinking strong and open you up to seeing the world from a new perspective. When implemented weekly they can serve to help avoid burnout, refueling and inspiring your imagination and creativity.

This workshop will give you ideas for exercises you can do alone or with other creatives on your team. Creative exercises done with others are powerful because God made each of us different and when we done with other creatives you see how unique He made you.

1:30 pm Workshop Block C

Foley Hall

Name: Carl Barnhill

Topic: How to Revise Your Work Without Losing Your 


Description: “Final_Final_USE THIS ONE.jpg” – we’ve all been there. So how can we work to prevent rounds of revisions? In this workshop, Carl Barnhill from  Twelve:Thirty Media shares 3 practical things you can do to prevent as many rounds of revisions on your projects as possible.

Studio 1

Name: Von Glitschka

Topic: Advanced Pattern and Tessellation Tricks

Description: You will learn how to create repeat patterns in Adobe Illustrator. How to plan and create using simple methods to take an idea and turn it into a surface pattern they can use in print or to have fabric printed to create textile for shirts etc. Each attender gets a FREE copy of my book ‘Vector Basic Training.’

Studio 2

Name: Ryan Hollingsworth

Topic: Building a Brand Guide

Description: In this workshop, we’ll discover the key components of a brand guide for not just designers, but your staff and volunteers help keep the visuals and language of your church consistent and unified.

4:00 pm Workshop Block D

Foley Hall

Name: Panel (Laura, Alan, Harrison, Lee, Mike)

Topic: What Not To Print

Description: We will look at church graphics and critic them. We will describe what makes them bad design and what can be done to improve them.

Studio 1

Name: Britt Davis

Topic: Create In Me

Description:  We carry the Word of God in our hearts and have verses that we lean on to get through different situations, trials and tests. In this workshop we  will create a logo that represents your favorite Bible  verse. Using a combination of icons, color, text and  shapes to design a mark that visually represents your chosen verse. 

Studio 2

Name: Laurel Stender

Topic: Being Intentional with Your Merch

Description: Being intentional with what you buy is  honoring God and those who give to your ministry. We will share event wins (and failures!) for giveaway items that we’ve seen used at churches across the country. 

We’ll comb through the details of how to find the right shirt, the right first time guest gift, and the right solution for identifying your volunteers on Sunday morning. We’ll share how to know when something will end up in the trash bin or on someone’s desk for years to come.