You are a Designer…Not an Artist

You ARE a Designer…Not an Artist!

You are a designer! God is a designer and you bear his image. As an image bearer of the God of all creation, embrace the opportunity to reflect God to your church and community.

I know what your thinking. “I can’t draw a stick figure, much less design a graphic.”

Am I right?

Here is the deal! You don’t have to know how to draw to be a designer. You don’t have to be an artist to be a designer!

Design is NOT about art.

Design is about communication.

Good design is visual communication and solving communication problems. As an image bearer of God, you have been given the skills to design.

Story Time

sketch logo citi

In 1998, two large financial institutions merged into what we now know as Citigroup and Citibank. The merger was massive and a multi million dollar venture.

Executives sat down with Paula Scher, the founder of the design agency responsible for the company branding, to discuss the challenges they were facing. They needed to develop a solution to engage their members and community.

As Scher listened, her skills as a designer began to work. She began to figure out how to solve the challenges the executives faced. Her ability to solve problems using visual elements allowed her to quickly sketch out what would become the logo of Citigroup.

On a table napkin, using pen, Scher sketched a rudimentary logo design that would shape the future of the company.

Good design is not about ART! Good design is about solving a problem and presenting a visual solution.

YOU Are a Designer

At Design Revival, we believe that everyone is a designer. You are equipped to solve problems and design graphics that help your church better communicate the Gospel.

We want to inspire and equip you so you can be a good designer for your church.We want to help reduce the learning curve and equip you to serve the Church.